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Plastic Lockers

Metal Lockers UK, Offers a Comprehensive range of Versatile Plastic Lockers manufactured to the highest standards. We sell extra durable Plastic Lockers and ship them nationwide at value pricing every day.

We have a wide range of Plastic Lockers in a variety of Shapes, Sizes, Colors, and Styles. Plastic Lockers are impact resistant which can be positioned internally or externally. Plastic Lockers include label position and air vents with the sloping top available which is especially ideal for hygiene areas.

Plastic Lockers are extremely Strong, Heavy Duty polyethylene Plastic Lockers that are designed for the most extreme working environments.  Plastic Lockers can be used as Schools Plastic Lockers, Food Manufacturing Plastic Lockers, Recreation Plastic Lockers, Industry Plastic Lockers, Etc. Plastic Lockers are UV stable that can be used in the outdoor environment as well. Most importantly Plastic Lockers are easy to clean with water. Plastic Lockers are fitted with weatherproof neoprene internal door seal, Suitable for outdoor use. Plastic Lockers are Durable, Vandal resistant all welded construction and highly UV resistant. Plastic Lockers are Water, Corrosion and Rust resistant.


All kinds of  Plastic Lockers are available and delivered in the UK.