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Metal Lockers UK, Offers a Comprehensive range of Versatile Lockers manufactured to the highest standards. Including Personal Effect Lockers, Express Lockers. Lockers are ideal to be used as Warehouse Lockers, School Lockers, Hospitals Lockers, Malls Lockers, Industries Lockers, Garages Lockers, and Retail Lockers.

Personal Effect Lockers provides increased Security in the Workplace to the employees for their belongings. Lockers are ideal for keeping personal items such as Wallets, Mobile phones, Laptops, and other small devices. Lockers are available in a Choice of colors like light grey, light blue, dark blue, red or green. Lockers include a frame shelf for extra security. Personal Effect Lockers are manufactured with an Antibacterial powder coated finish.

Express Lockers come with a Standard Grey Carcass with a choice of door colors of Lockers such as Blue, Grey and Red with Cam locks.

Metal Lockers UK have a range of Lockers that Comprise of the high-quality Lockers designed as our Standard Lockers. These Lockers are available with various door compartments, Lockers with a choice of Light Grey or Dark Blue powder coated doors. Each Lockers door is Strengthened, Ventilated with increased Durability and Support for the locker. Mastered cam locks and galvanized security shelves in every locker further increase the security of Lockers compartment and Prevent unauthorized access.

Lockers Complete with Rust resisting galvanized shelves with reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1. Lockers are Designed and Manufactured in the UK.