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Laptop And Tablet Lockers

Metal Lockers UK, Offers a Comprehensive range of Versatile Laptop and Tablet Lockers manufactured to the highest quality standards.  We sell extra durable Laptop and Tablet Lockers and ship them nationwide at value pricing every day.

We have a wide range of Laptop and Tablet Lockers in a variety. Laptop and Tablet Lockers are ideal Storage Lockers designed to individually store laptops, computers, notebooks, tablets, Apple iPads, or any other devices. Laptop and Tablet Lockers can be used in Schools as Laptop and Tablet Lockers to store and secure laptops when not in use. Laptop and Tablet Lockers are ideal for use at IT companies for website developers, games programmers and e-commerce, Extensive use in Universities to allow secure storage at any time for laptops and phones for the staff. Laptop and Tablet Lockers feature small compartments that are ideal in size for storing electronic devices. Laptop and Tablet Lockers have an individual door for each compartment with one door that opens all compartments. Laptop and Tablet Lockers come in a range of sizes and colors.


All kinds of Laptop and Tablet Lockers are available and delivered in the UK.

Laptop Tablet Storage Locker

Design / Security Features:
• Each compartment is fitted with a cam lock (key lock) for individual use.
• If you choose the single door option then this has one cam lock which accesses all 15 compartments, supplied with 2 keys.
• Carcass is powder coated Light Grey, RAL 7035 as standard.
• Compartment doors are available in a choice of three colours: Red RAL 3003, Blue RAL 5017 and Light Grey RAL 7035.
• Anti-bacterial Technology Paint
• Pre-drilled for nesting during manufacturing process allowing the lockers to be secured to each other side by side once on site, creating a run or bank of lockers.                  

This range of laptop storage lockers has Germ Guard - an anti-bacterial technology powder coating finish. Germ Guard is an innovative anti-bacterial paint designed to help improve the hygiene and cleanliness of the storage.

It has been proven to reduce the spread of MRSA and E.Coli, other germs and bacteria as well as reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

The Germ Guard paint is applied during manufacture in the powder coating process which is a Epoxy polyester full gloss powder coating incorporating the Germ Guard ingredient. It is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the locker ensuring constant germ protection.

Ideal Uses:
These lockers are one of our best sellers. They are particularly popular for use in schools, colleges and universities where laptops are frequently being used for classes and as teaching methods.

They are also popular for offices and businesses and in hospitals where the use of laptops is a more frequent occurrence.

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Laptop Tablet Storage Locker

Laptop Tablet Storage Locker Description: Laptop Tablet Storage Locker 15 tiers 1 door red 1800 x 380 x 450mm is designed to provide secure charging facilities for laptop computers. This prod....
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